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Our Purpose

REAL Workplace Solutions provides on-site, workplace injury prevention solutions that lower employer health care costs and improve employee job performance.

The Direct and Indirect Cost of Injury Claims

Those working with or in high-risk occupations should be acutely aware that the direct costs associated with workplace injuries (i.e. medical costs, indemnity payments, case management) are the tip of the iceberg. Beyond direct costs, there are indirect costs. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Wages for absenteeism not covered by Workers Compensation
  • Cost of department handling the claim
  • Cost of hiring and training a replacement worker
  • Loss of productivity due to new employee learning curves or accommodation of employee injury
  • OSHA fines
  • Legal fees
  • Higher premiums
  • Loss of employee morale

Common concerns surrounding workplace injuries include falls and musculoskeletal strains or sprains. The 2018 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index found that the most costly, serious, non-fatal workplace injury was overexertion of the body while lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing an object ($13.7 billion). Other costly actions driving workplace injuries include overexertion due to crawling, bending, reaching, twisting, climbing, kneeling and walking ($4.2 billion); as well as repetitive motions on an assembly line ($1.5 billion)

At REAL Workplace Solutions, we believe that musculoskeletal related injuries are preventable with early detection and proactive interventions. It is time to broaden your company’s horizons beyond claims management. Start thinking about injury prevention today.

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Meet the Founders

Adam Wolf

Adam’s professional credentials include Licensure in Physical Therapy (IL) and Massage Therapy (IL) & Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute)(09). Some of his certifications include Level III practitioner of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Enhance Running Technician, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) & Functional-Neuro-Orthopedic Rehab (FNOR) provider. His professional career spans nearly two decades and includes clinical, management, consulting, education, performance/strength, and conditioning, as well as ownership roles.

Most recently, he is the author of REAL Movement: Perspective on Integrated Motion & Motor Control. His professional interests lie in a deeper understanding of human movement combined with manual medicine while creating innovative therapy and business paradigms that facilitate the growth of his patients and colleagues. Adam regularly presents to fitness and rehabilitation professionals nationally and internationally.

Adam WolfCo-founder and Physical Therapist

Bill Hitchcock 

Bill’s professional credentials include licensure in Physical Therapy in Illinois and Indiana. He is a Fellow of Applied Functional Science. Bill’s career spans almost four decades. His professional experience spans decades as an entrepreneur in physical therapy creating multiple private practice companies growing them from startup to divesting. He has had management positions with publicly traded companies. He has experience from both a private practice owner perspective and publicly held company perspective in operating, developing and expanding multiple facilities. He has been involved in the acquisition of practices and well as de novo clinics.

Bill’s interests lie in the efficient and effective delivery of patient care that meets the needs and desires of those he serves while having a keen appreciation and understanding of executing the business operations for a financially successful

Bill HitchcockCo-founder and Physical Therapist